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Device to Phone:
IPWorld provides you with IP Phones and/or Gateways to allow device-to-phone calls for customers. Choose from a wide range of phones and gateways to complement any market demand. These low cost devices connect directly to your existing internet connection and remove the need to make calls using your PC. They are ideal for call shops, internet cafes, business use or even home use.


Choose from Variety of Low-cost Devices (IP Phones & Gateways).
Ideal for Home, Call Shops, or Internet Cafes
All Devices Locked with IPWorld Service
Stand Alone Solution - No Computer Required to Make Calls
Customized IVR (Interactive Response) for Devices
Quick and Easy Setup & Configuration (Through Web or Device Key pad) Dial-up or Broadband Compatible. (Support for both H.323 & SIP)
100% Private Label for all Devices
Option to use YOUR OWN Devices
Easily Create and Manage Customer Accounts
Buy Wholesale and set your OWN selling rates and Pricing options


Calling Card Solution:
Easily deploy a powerful and easy to manage Calling Card solution to increase revenues and attract customers. IPWorld's turnkey solution for Calling Cards includes a VOIP gateway and Billing Software.
100% Private Label Solution
Real-Time Online Billing Management
Low Wholesale International Termination rates
Full Remote Installation and Maintenance services
Assign and Modify Calling Card Rates
Multiple control and access level for Resellers and End Users

IPWorld has the infrastructure and software required to produce calling cards designed for your market. Clients can purchase calling time for a low wholesale rate and have the ability to design their own calling cards. Using IPWorld software, Clients has the option of setting the calling rates, connection fees, assigning pins, and setting billing increments.

Who can take advantage of a Calling Card platform?
Companies or entrepreneurs looking to diversify their VoIP service offering
Emerging ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) looking to grow in a recently deregulated market.
Existing Calling Card companies looking for a stable, high quality, and low cost platform.
ISPs and Internet Caf   owners looking to introduce new phones services to their existing infrastructure.

Calling Card Service Structure
As a IPWorld Calling Card Reseller, you will have full control of your market. You will have authority to give access to your resellers and customers as
outlined below. You can easily create accounts and grant permission to various levels below you.


Callback Solution:
International Call Back service is recommended for use in a country where it is not permitted to operate a service to offer outbound international telephone call service (whereas inbound international telephone calls are allowed) and/or where the per minute rate charged by the incumbent telephone company for international calls is much higher than the per minute rate of an inbound VoIP call into the country.

The ANI Callback
Service allows any phone user to make long-distance calls by calling the IPWorld callback platform. The callback server does not pick up the initial call but it will determine the caller ID number, which will be used to trigger an immediate callback to the user. After the user answers, the callback server automatically dials the destination number and connects the calls.

Web Callback:
Web Callback Service allows users to make long-distance calls from our website. The webpage is configured to interact with the web callback module using XML web services. Once the callback server receives the XML message, it initiates a callback to the user  s phone and to the destination number specified by the user. When the user answers, the callback server automatically dials the destination number and connects both call legs.

SMS CallBack
Service allows any phone user to make long-distance calls by calling the IPWorld callback platform. The callback server does not pick up the initial call but it will determine the caller ID number, which will be used to trigger an immediate callback to the user. After the user answers, the callback server automatically dials the destination number and connects the calls.



PC to Phone Service:
Customers also have the option of making calls via their PCs. This is by far the cheapest option and does not require the customer to purchase any hardware. Clear2Clear offers two options when using our high quality, low-rate PC to Phone service.
The first is our web-based Dialler . Using the latest technology, customers are able to make cheap phone calls through our web site, with no software to download.
If you prefer, you can also download the free Clear2Clear Softphone. This option provides the same high quality calls as the web-based service, but removes the need to access our web site each time, so is the favoured option of customers using the service from their own PC.
Thanks to utilizing high compression codecs, a high quality of connection is possible even through the low speed Internet connection. As with the Billing Manager, the Softphone can be altered to have a separate company logo and look.

IPWorld Mobile Dialler 
IPWorld Mobile Dialler  is a soft phone or Dialler  to make VoIP call from the mobile phone. This has been designed keeping operator's requirement in mind. IPWorld Mobile Dialler  not only let your clients to make VoIP call from their mobile phone using your VoIP service, but will let you do the branding of your service as an operator.

With the mass deployment of wifi networks in many countries and also with the introduction of cheap GPRS service, calling from mobile set using VoIP technology is getting popular. IPWorld Mobile Dialler  is an easy way of doing this.

Features of IPWorld Mobile Dialler 
User friendly interface
IPWorld Mobile Dialler  supports SIP for signaling.
IPWorld Mobile Dialler  supports G729, GSM and G.711 codec for sending audio data. For details of codec support according to Phone Sets, Click here.
IPWorld Mobile Dialler  can run behind NAT or on private IP.
Your client can hear remaining balance by listening to IVR
IPWorld Mobile Dialler runs on application layer so it supports GPRS, WiFi and Bluetooth for internet connectivity.
This software will run on the phone having Symbian or Windows Mobile 5 and 6. For details compatibility list, please click here.
IPWorld Mobile Dialler is fully customizable. That is it can be branded according to your taste and with your own brand. And your client will download the dialler with full configuration of your service (i.e. switch IP and others) and your client does not need to configure anything else, except inputting PIN of their account.
You can use IPWorld Mobile Dialler with any kind of Soft switch which support SIP

How to use Mobile Dialler 
1. Browse the link  in your mobile.
2. Select the manufacturer
3. Select the phone model
4. Click the Download link: Download Mobilelink
5. Follow the onscreen instruction and install it in the 'Phone memory' instead of External Memory' (if you install the mobile dialler in storage memory, then the program will request operator code, and PIN information for every run of the software, whereas if you install it in phone memory, it will require above information only for the first time)
6. Open your installed Mobile-Link Mobile Dialler from your handset's 'Installation' or 'Application' or 'My own' folder
7. Type your Operator Code which is 69576
8. Then select internet connection option which may be GPRS or WiFi.
9. Then set your valid PIN and Password.
10. Now wait for PIN registration after that dialled your desired number from Mobile-Link Mobile Dialler.
For any more assistance or problem please do not hesitate to let us know.
email and msn : support@theipworld.com 


How to use Fring Dialler 

Take all your buddies mobile with fring  , call and chat with them for free and see who  s online before dialing!

fring   is a mobile internet service & community that enables you to access & interact with your social networks on-the-go, make free calls and live chat with all your fring, Skype  , MSN   Messenger, Google Talk  , ICQ, SIP, Twitter, Yahoo!   and AIM  * friends using your handset  s internet connection rather than costly cellular airtime minutes.

Bringing PC-benefits to the mobile, fring leverages your handset  s internet connection to empower you with mobility and availability as never before, integrating all contacts into one searchable buddy list and all your online applications into one ever-growing catalog of services. fring lets you see who's online before dialing with contact availability indicators, engage in multiple conversations simultaneously via fring  s chat, send & receive files with our file transfer capabilities and enjoy an ever-growing selection of   always on   fringAdd-ons like facebook, Gmail Notifier, Vtap Video Streaming, Orkut Social Network, Yandex Push Email and many more created by any developers worldwide who want to take their service mobile using fringAPI  .

Beyond fring  s social appeal, it also saves money letting you make affordable local and international calls to landline and regular cellular numbers using your SkypeOut/SkypeIn account or almost any internet voice service (SIP) such as SIPNET, EuteliaVoIP, VoIPVoIP and VoIPTalk, even from non-SIP enabled handsets.


Dedicated Hosting in Collocation

1 MBPS Burstable Bandwidth
1 U Rack mount Dual Xeon Server
Best Price in the Town



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